Full Face Mask

Full Face Mask
Full Face Mask
Full Face Mask
Full Face Mask
Full Face Mask
Full Face Mask
Full Face Mask
Full Face Mask


Learning how to safely use an IDM (Integrated Diving Mask) or as most people refer to them, ‘Full Face Mask’ is paramount to ensuring you get the most enjoyment out of your investment and to fully understand the characteristics of your mask and procedures to use when diving with it.

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Full Face Mask / Integrated Diving Mask

While a Full Face Mask or Integrated Diving Masks are not new, masks and regulators have traditionally been separate units.  However, by keeping the mask and regulator separate we allow the rest of the face to be exposed to the elements, thus losing precious body heat.

Since humans breathe primarily through their nose, while using their mouth for communication, it's reasonable to say that the separate mask and regulator setup is relatively unnatural. By integrating these two systems, we can solve several problems: we are more thermally efficient; we can communicate; we have a broader field of vision; and we are much more comfortable.


  • Certified as Open Water Diver (or equivalent) or in the process of completing it
  • To be a minimum of 12 years old (with written guardian consent up to the age of 18 yrs)


  • Visibility: a Full Face Mask or IDM has a greater visual field than a traditional mask.
  • Communication: with the addition of an underwater communication system, you can speak to other divers.
  • Security: a IDM’s sturdy multi-strap system means it cannot be knocked askew while diving.
  • Comfort: no more jaw fatigue from holding a regulator in your mouth.
  • Specialty: add another PADI specialty to your diving repertoire with IDM training.
  • Accessories: there are lots of neat add-ons to try out with your IDM (lamp, GoPro support, comms…).
  • Protection: an IDM covers the whole face, protecting it from the elements.
  • Relaxation: an IDM allows you to breath in a normal, relaxed fashion.
  • Versatility: an IDM can be customised for a variety of diving conditions.
  • Warmth: a large percentage of your body’s heat is lost through your head, warm head equals warm body.


  • Learn about the Ocean Reef Integrated Diving Mask (IDM) / Full Face Mask or your own mask
  • What the various parts are and how they work
  • How to breath using a full face mask
  • How to set up and personalise your Ocean Reef mask
  • How to put on the mask and make it ultra comfy, and how to remove it
  • Safety skills in the pool
  • How to adjust the breathing rates in open water
  • Confined Water Dives to learn basic skills in using an IDM
  • Open Water Dives to review your skills and experience an IDM in open water


Getting to use a Full Face Mask is so much fun, they really do not like to let any water in so you have to try quite hard to flood them.  They are incredibly easy and comfortable to use and the amount of visibility you have in them is superb.


You will be using either your own mask or one of our Ocean Reef IDM's along with your standard scuba diving equipment.  A spare mask will also need to be carried.


The PADI manual or the Ocean Reef downloadable manual provide all the details you need for the self study part prior to attending the classroom session.


If choosing 'Skills Refresher Only', this is only a pool refresher.  However, if we have a course running in open water you are also welcome to join us and perform the skills again.  You must have completed the pool session first though.

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Generic Full Face Mask, Ocean Reef IDM, Ocean Reef IDM and Comms, Ocean Reef Comms Only, Skills Refresher Only

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29th Jun 2019, 30th Jun 2019, TBC