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SureLock II Recall

Aqua Lung is conducting a voluntary recall of all SureLock II rubber weight pocket handles. SureLock II is the mechanical weight release system found on most Aqua Lung buoyancy compensators (BCs) beginning in 2009. Whether you have an original rubber handle or one of the revised rubber handles from the previous recall, Aqua Lung would now like to replace it with the latest generation handle,.

Whites fusion bullet dry suit

Whites Fusion Bullet Dry Suit with Silicon Seals

I have had a number of dry suits over the years of various types such as trilaminate and compressed neoprene. My current suits are an O'Three compressed neoprene, an Azdry trilaminate and my latest the Whites Fusion Bullet dry suit with silicon seals option. I have never got on fully with neoprene wrist seals as they simply do not seal.

Whites Fusion Bullet – Steven Turner

Whites Fusion Bullet with Silicon Seals

A personal view of the dry suit. I have owned it for just over a year and done about 120 dives in it. I have now owned 2 dry suits, my first was an Oceanic Flexdura trilaminate which contrary to the name was not all that flexible. When I was looking around for another dry suit, I listened to what others would say about.