Sidemount diving by Steve Turner

My ambition towards sidemount diving started in March 2014 when I did a sidemount try dive in full kit, i.e. proper harness and a couple of aluminium cylinders and being set up by a proper sidemount instructor.

The feeling is different to having cylinders on the back, and having steel cylinders at the side pulling at you.

Sidemount provides a good stable platform to achieve any form of diving. My big concern with it was maintaining positive buoyancy whilst bobbing about on the surface in the sea.

I then found out that Apeks were bringing out an updated sidemount diving system which gave 45lb of lift.  This was similar to my AP Diving BCD, which was doing a wonderful job so I bought one along with 4 aluminium cylinders.

It took quite a while for the harness to arrive, as Apeks were still in the process of final design and build tweaks.

Steve Turner, https://www.facebook.com/steven.turner.35


Previously to attending the PADI sidemount course, I had been on various courses with other agencies such as BSAC – ocean divers and sport diver course, plus with PADI – open water diver up to assistant instructor and various speciality courses.

I was looking at courses to further my skills and techniques to prepare myself for more challenging diving ie technical diving and recreational diving. On searching and speaking to other divers, I spoke to staff at Absolute Scuba, my local diving school and was advised on a variety of courses to assist and help, of which PADI Sidmount was presented and sounded interesting.


Austin Warr, https://www.facebook.com/austin.warr.3