What we do

We teach people to be good divers

While any instructor can teach someone to dive, not every instructor produces good divers.  Our goal is simple, we don't just want to teach people to dive, we need to produce good divers.  It's not difficult, it just takes patience, practice and an instructor who understands the fundamentals of producing good divers by getting the basics correct to begin with.

Our history

Monday, July 10, 2010

July, 2015

In addition to already being a PADI dive centre, we became a RAID diving centre.  We had a great time on our cross over with the guys from RAID coming to our centre to do the crossover for us.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012 

December, 2011

After enjoying the last few months we decided to become an official PADI diving centre.

Thursday, August 17, 2015

July, 2011

After many many years of teaching for others, we decided to start teaching PADI courses for ourselves as a group of independent instructors.

Why us

We do it for fun

As we do this for fun we allow ourselves freedom to run the courses at a more relaxed pace ensuring that students get the time needed to learn the required skills.  In addition to this, we also refuse to run large groups per course as this ensures everyone gets a great amount of instructor time.  Some key points are below.

  • Small course sizes
  • Sensible amount of time to complete a course
  • Focused on producing good divers and not just getting you through a course
  • We only sell dive kit which we use ourselves and also use it in school kit

Dive Crew

Our advantages

Small course sizes

Our absolute maximum course size is 4 people.  This is way below the recommended maximum sizes and we would have multiple instructors in the water for a class of 4 people which ensures you get the time you need for your skill development.

Sensible amount of course time

We standardise on 3 pool sessions for our Open Water course even if you complete all skills in 2 sessions.  This ensures plenty of in water practice fine tuning things before you get into open water.  It's not hard to see why some of our Open Water students actually look better in the water on their first few dives than some already qualified divers do.

Appropriate dive kit sales

We only sell dive kit which is appropriate for the type of diving you are doing.  We are so confident with the dive kit we sell, we use it for our school kit and also our personal kit.  If it isn't any good for us, we won't be selling it.